About Government 1

Romans 13:1, 2 In these verses Paul begins dealing with the subject or our relationship to authority and rulers. Due to the dramatic shift in subject matter, the passage raises questions with some as to the authenticity of the passage. How does this subject actually flow clearly from the things Paul has talked about in chapter 12? What is a problem we often face in understanding this passage? Who does Paul believe is to be subject to authorities? How do we know that he is talking about human civil authorities and not evil spiritual authorities? What is significant about Paul's use of the the word submission rather than obedience? How should we approach this passage in view of Paul's exclusively positive remarks about civil authority? Does Paul never envision a circumstance in which some might legitimately resist authority? What does the fact that all authority is established by God imply about our acts of submission and, conversely, our acts of resistance? (61 min)