About Government 2

Romans 13:3-7 In this lesson we continue to consider the Christian view of civil authority. In these verses Paul sets forth the second reason for the biblical mandate that the believer is to be in submission to the governing authorities. What can the Christian do to avoid fear of the civil authority? What is the tutorial dimension of civil law, and why do we as Christians need this tutorial aspect? What is the two-fold ministry of civil authorities? What does the sword in this passage represent? Where did the practice of capital punishment originate? What is the reason for capital punishment? What is wrong with the argument that capital punishment diminishes the value of human life? What about the argument that sometimes capital punishment is sometimes wrongly applied? What is to be the Christian's attitude towards paying taxes? The obligation to authority extends beyond merely obedience/submission and the paying of taxes. How else is it to be expressed? Why is it important that as Christians we not be known as ones who are generally opposed to civil authority and who treat rulers with disrespect? What is it about a free democratic society that calls for special care in our attitudes towards government? (56 min)