About Others (1)

Romans 12:14-16 Paul continues in these verses his "do list" of Christian character qualities. What is the important distinction we must keep in mind when considering the subject of relating to wrong doers? First in this section is his instruction of how we respond to persecution. How is this relevant to us today? What does it mean to bless them? What does it mean to curse them? What is the significance of Paul's repetition? What are two important examples of the principle of weeping with those who weep? What is the real need that someone who is encountering great suffering have? How is rejoicing with those who rejoice sometimes more of a challenge than weeping with those who weep? Why are we often reluctant to rejoice with those who rejoice? Why is it important to the blessed person that we rejoice with them? What does Paul mean by being of one mind? What are the two possible meanings of his instruction regarding the lowly? (50 min)