About Others (3)

Romans 12:19-21 In these verses Paul continues to address the question of how we relate to those who have wronged us. Verse nineteen conveys a slightly different sense than verse seventeen. What is that difference? What are we prohibited from doing when we are personally wronged by someone? What does it mean to "leave room" for God's wrath? Is it wrong for us to desire justice when we are wronged? What are four reasons why God insists that we leave revenge up to him? What is it about God that ensures that His justice is always right? What are the mistakes we often make when we seek to take justice into our own hands? What is the advantage of our leaving room for the justice of God? When our enemy wrongs us, what are we obligated to do? What does he mean when he speaks of "heaping burning coals" on our enemy's head? How are we overcome by evil? How do we overcome evil? (58 min)