Blaspheming God

Romans 2:17-24 Paul continues to tighten his net around even the most convinced moralists, in this case the Jews. What does it mean to be a Jew? Is Paul speaking as an anti-Semite or as one who has discounted the significance of being Jewish? What are the two supports the Jew believes keep him in right standing with God? What are the five privileges Paul attributes to being a Jew? Additionally, what are the four prerogatives that the Jew possessed? In his imagined dialog with a Jewish moralist, what would have likely been the response of his imagined Jew to the things Paul listed in verses seventeen through twenty? How does Paul "lower the boom" on the Jewish moralist? What is the result among non-Jews to the disobedience of the Jew to the Law. How can this passage, clearly written with Jews in mind, apply to us today? (59 min)