Fugitive To Pilgrim

Genesis 28:10-22 Jacob leaves Beersheba and heads to Haran, a fugitive from his brother's wrath. Putting yourself in Jacob's sandals, what would you be thinking about one hour out of Beersheba? Three days later he arrives at a nondescript place and lays down to sleep. What he encounters in his dream that night alters his own life and the history of Israel. What is the ultimate fulfillment of that dream? Whom does he encounter, and what is he promised? Why does he erect a memorial in this place? Will what happens this night influence him only for a time, or will it have a life long impact? Jacob came to this place a fugitive, but he leaves Bethel a pilgrim. What will it take for him to return to his family in peace and be reconciled to Esau? (62 min.)