Glory Forever

Romans 11:33-36 In this lesson we first review Paul's explanation in chapters 9-11 of how God has worked through salvation history. He culminates this masterpiece with a hymn of praise of God. What are the two different ways this passage might be translated? What are three things about God that are infinitely deep? What does Paul have in mind when he speaks of the riches of God? What is God's wisdom? What is God's knowledge? Why can no one be God's counselor? What are two things we must keep in mind about knowing the mind of God in view of what Paul says here about it being unsearchable? How do the "mystery" of Romans 9-11 and Jesus himself relate to the matter of knowing the unknowable mind of God? If everything is from, through, and to God, how can we be comforted while realizing that God's mind is so unsearchable? (52 min)