How Will They Call?

Romans 10:14-17 Having established that salvation is available to all who call on the name of the Lord, Paul now sets forth the necessary things that must occur for someone to call on God. This passage has two important messages for us. One is the primary thing that Paul is communicating. The second, and incidental message, pertains to the church's imperative of evangelism and missions. Why is Paul explaining what is necessary for someone to call on God? Is the believing mentioned in verse 14 different from that mentioned in verse 11? Why is it necessary for someone to hear? When Paul speaks of a preacher, how is his concept of a preacher different from what we often think of today? Why does a preacher need to be sent? Now we know what must occur before someone can call on God, yet we discover that Israel has not called on God. What has gone wrong in this process? (52 min)