I Am Joseph (pt 1)

Genesis 45:1-18 (pt 1) In the first of two studies on this passage, we consider the remarkable event when Joseph made himself known to his brothers. Joseph has apparently been surprised by Judah's astonishing plea, and a swell of emotions overwhelms him. His announcement of who he actually is, however, is not welcome news to his brothers. Or is it? How do his brothers respond, and why? Why does Joseph ask what he already knows? What two things does Joseph specifically mention that have heretofore not been openly spoken of. Why must he speak these things? How does Joseph's view of reality make forgiveness possible? How might this encounter be similar to when we will first see Christ? What is the significance of the mention of a remnant? How is the deliverance God accomplishes great? Where are you in your personal "story of Joseph?" (53 min)