I Am Of Flesh

Romans 7:14-17 In this lesson we continue to explore one of the more challenging passages of the New Testament to interpret. Several things particularly notable about the passage have a bearing on our interpretation: the logical order of the passage, the absence of any mention of the Holy Spirit, and the prominence of the idea of bondage to sin and inability to do what is right. What are the two primary views of this passage that Christians hold? Why is it important how we understand this passage? What are two ways that the present tense can be used? How are we to determine which way Paul is using the present tense in these verses? Are there strong reasons to think that Paul is not using the present tense in a literal sense? Can an unbeliever want to obey God's law? What does Paul know as a result of the interplay of sin with the Law? How is it that Paul has come to know this? What is the dichotomy or dualism that Paul discovers about himself? A handout comparing the person in this passage with the believer in chapters 6 and 8 may be viewed or downloaded here. (57 min)