Is Israel Rejected?

Romans 11:1-2 The Apostle Paul, having demonstrated that Israel's unbelief is due only to her own disobedience and obstinacy, he now addresses the question of whether or not Israel has been rejected by God. In this passage we are introduced to the concept of the remnant. What is an important distinction to keep in view when Paul is speaking about Israel? What are the reasons Paul gives for knowing that Israel has not been rejected by God? What is Paul trying to tell us when he speaks of his being an ethnic Israelite? When he says that Israel is foreknown by God, of which Israel does he speak, ethnic Israel or the remnant? Why is an understanding of God's transcendence critical in understanding His foreknowledge? What are the two meanings which are offered for foreknowledge? How can we know which one is correct? How does God's foreknowledge prove that God has not rejected Israel? What encouragement can we take from this reality? (59 min)