Jacob Blessed Pharaoh

Genesis 47:1-12 In this passage, upon their arrival in Egypt, the family of Israel is presented to Pharaoh. First, the brothers come, hat in hand, asking for the land of Goshen. They openly identify themselves by that which makes them loathsome to the Egyptians. What can we learn from this example? Finally, Jacob is presented to Pharaoh. Why are these two presentations done separately? The two men, Pharaoh and Jacob, are a study in contrasts. How does Jacob's blessing of Pharaoh turn things on their head? What does the Lord want us to learn from Jacob's view of his own "sojourn?" How does Jacob's seemingly pessimistic view coincide with his pronouncing a blessing on Pharaoh? How does Jacob's response to Pharaoh reflect a disposition of faith? (60 min)