Romans 11:11-15 Understanding now that, except for a small remnant, Israel as a whole has refused the Gospel and been hardened, another question arises. Has Israel's stumbling over the Stumbling Stone been a total falling from which there will never be a recovery? It is this question Paul addresses in the verses in this lesson. Paul's emphatic response is negative, but what is the basis for his confidence that they have not permanently fallen? Why does Paul speak of the Gentles experiencing salvation due to Israel's transgression? What does Paul expect the Gentiles' salvation to do to the Jews? How is Paul using the idea of jealousy here? What two aspects of Israel's stumbling does Paul mention? What is the impact of these two aspects? Why does Paul make a point that he is addressing himself to Gentiles in these verses? What is the rejection and acceptance that he speaks of here? What is the "life from the dead" that he refers to? What is the wonderful future that we can expect for Israel, and why does it matter to Gentile believers? (54 min)