Law Or No Law

Romans 2:5-16 Paul continues his argument that the moralist is also guilty before God. Having regarded lightly the patience and forbearance of God, they are storing up wrath for themselves. When will that wrath be experienced? By what standard will God judge all men and women? How does the Jew and Gentile differ in what they know about right and wrong? Does God judge the Jew differently than he judges the Gentile? In what different ways does Paul use the word "law" in Romans? Does Paul teach in this passage that a person can be saved by being good? What mistake does the moralist make in thinking that his sins are minor and hidden? What kind of sins did Jesus teach that God would judge? Who will be the final judge? (56 min) (The class handout on Paul’s uses of the word “law” in Romans can be accessed/downloaded from the Things To Grow With page.)