LIke Father, Like Son

Genesis 26:1-17 Our story line returns in this chapter to the story of Isaac. Why does the narrator interrupt his story of the conflict between Jacob and Esau to tell us these stories about their father Isaac? There is a striking theme in this chapter of the continuity between the lives of Isaac and his father Abraham. What are those continuities, and why are they important to our understanding? How did God want Isaac to think about his stay in the land of Gerar? Why is God’s reference to His oath so important to Isaac? How was it that Abraham so thoroughly obeyed God? Why did Isaac engage in the ruse concerning Rebekah? What precious gleaming gem of truth about Isaac and Rebekah do we find in this mud hole of his deception? How did the remarkable prosperity of Isaac affect his neighbors, the Philistines? Why did Isaac not stand his ground and insist on his rights? (62 min)