Living Sacrifice

Romans 12:1 In chapter twelve Paul moves from the indicative (the way things are, the truth of the Gospel) to the imperative (the way we ought to be in view of the way things are). Gratitude for the great mercy of God in the Gospel becomes the basis for how we ought to be living as Christians. What is it that the believer is to present? Is this a one time event or an ongoing way of life? How does the Christian view of the body differ from that of the much of the Greek world of Paul's day? How does our modern idea of sacrifice differ from that of the ancient world? How was the Christian view of sacrifice a radical departure from the rest of the ancient world? Why did the Christian view of sacrifice make them hated in the Roman empire? What was revolutionary about the emperor Constantine's decrees regarding sacrifice? What is a "living" sacrifice? How do we, in the twenty first century, present our bodies as living sacrifices? (68 min)