My People

Romans 9:22-26 Having considered last week about the vessels Paul discusses in these verses, we return in this lesson to discover a bit more about those vessels, and then to study Paul's "what if" statement. What evidence do we have from this passage and others that the condition of being a vessel of wrath is not unchanging, but that a vessel of wrath can become a vessel of mercy? What are two different ways we might use a "what if" statement such as Paul uses here? How does Paul use it? What do we learn that God is every bit willing to do? Yet we learn that God has not done this. Why? What is the glory for which the children of Israel in Egypt were prepared as God waited on Pharaoh? How does Paul use the word "from" in verse 24? How does he use the word "called?" How does the story of Hosea's daughter and son give evidence that God can call some who are Gentiles His people? How does this passage shut the door on racism? (61 min)