Romans 11:25-27 Paul now begins to summarize all that he has taught us in chapter 11, and also to conclude his entire argument in chapters 9 thru 11. He begins by saying that he does not wish us to be uninformed or ignorant. What is the significance of Paul's repeated use of this phrase in his writings? What is the relationship between knowledge and actions? If we are unaware of the mystery he speaks of here, what is a possible consequence? What are the two ways that the concept of mystery was viewed within the culture of the first century. What were the mystery religions, and how are they manifest in contemporary culture. How does the accessibility to "truth" become a "seller's market," and why is that not good? How does Paul use the concept of mystery? What are some of the many mysteries of which Paul writes? What is the mystery he speaks of in this chapter, and what are its chief elements? What are the three questions that confront us when Paul says "So all Israel will be saved"? (55 min)