No Other Argument

Romans 2:25-29 After getting our bearings once again in the flow of Paul's case, we consider in this lesson his response to the Jew's reliance on circumcision. What was the purpose of circumcision? What value did Paul see in circumcision for the Jew who kept the Law? What value did it have for the one who transgressed the Law? What are the two "hypothetical" characters Paul sets before us in this passage? What essentially happens for the uncircumcised person who keeps the Law of Moses? What becomes the relationship of the uncircumcised keeper of the law with the circumcised transgressor? What are the four distinct ways that scripture speaks of someone being the descendant of Abraham or the "seed" of Abraham? How is the fourth way both a new and old way of looking at things? What is Paul saying, and not saying, when he speaks of being a Jew as an internal thing? What implications does Paul's dismissal of circumcision as effective for redemption have upon us today? (58 min)