No Separation

Romans 8:37-39 In these verses Paul continues his concluding thoughts on the security of the child of God in God's love. When we are saved we receive the promise of eventually being glorified with Christ. Yet between those two events we encounter numerous adversities, many of them very severe. What does Paul mean when he says that through all of those things we are more than conquerors? What is it that ensures our overwhelming victory through sufferings? If God's heart is moved when He sees people suffer, as we know it is, then what is it about sufferings that Paul suggests someone might think would separate them from the love of God. How do we know that that will not separate us from His love? This brings up a troubling question, however, which Paul will go on to answer in the following chapters: If God's children are forever secure in HIs love, then what about the Jews, hasn't God rejected them? (66 min)