Potter and Clay

Romans 9:19-21 In this week’s lesson, beginning in verse nineteen, Paul confronts an objection he anticipates that might be raised to the things he has said about God hardening and having mercy on whomever He wills. Before considering Paul's answer, it is important to understand what the mindset is of the person who would raise such an objection. How can we tell from the context what that mindset is? What is the actual objection that is being raised by this person? Why does Paul not clearly answer the objection, but rather responds to the person in what appears to be a harsh manner? In his response, Paul alludes to some passages from Isaiah. How are these passages relevant to the situation Paul is addressing? Paul introduces at this point an analogy of the potter and the clay. Before grasping Paul's point, it is important to understand how this common analogy is used throughout scripture. What are six important points that should be kept in mind about the scriptural use of the potter/clay analogy before attempting to understand what Paul has in mind in these verses? (63 min)