Purposes of Hardening

Romans 9:17-20 In this lesson we continue to consider what Paul says about God's hardening of Pharaoh, and then we go on to begin reflecting on Paul's response to the charge that God has no right to find fault with those He's hardened. Paul's choice to use Pharaoh as his example of God's hardening serves the purpose of foreshadowing something that he will argue in chapter eleven. What is that? When we encounter in this chapter the idea of God hardening people, why should this not take us by surprise? Is the hardening by God irrevocable? What are the two purposes we see for the hardening of recalcitrant sinners? What is the principle regarding human responsibility that the questions of verse nineteen are based upon? Why should we consider those questions more of a charge against God than legitimate questions? To what passages from the Old Testament does Paul allude in his response to these questions? In our next lesson we will continue to consider Paul's answer to these questions and his use of the potter and clay analogy. (57 min)