Voice of Experience

Romans 8:35-36 Having settled the issue that our sin no longer imperils the believer's safety in God's love, Paul now turns his attention to the circumstances and persons in our life whom we might fear could rob us of God's love. Paul's own life provides an evidence of what he tells us in these verses. What did God make clear about Paul’s future life as a Christian to Ananias? What did Paul mean in his second letter to the Corinthians when he wrote about always carrying in his body the death of Christ? What was the outcome for the Corinthians of Paul's experience of "dying daily?" Was Paul exaggerating when he wrote about the extent of his struggles? Were all of Paul's afflictions a direct result of persecution, or did they include other things. If Jesus promised that if we seek God's kingdom first, all "these things" that we need will be provided, how do we account for the fact that Paul at times experienced hunger, thirst, and exposure? What is the importance of Paul's quote from Psalm 44 about being put to death all day long? (58 min)