While We Were Helpless

Romans 5:6-11 Having shown how we can be assured of the certainty of our hope because we have the down payment of God's Spirit in us, Paul now gives another evidence of the certainty of our hope. That is the demonstration of God's love in the timing of the death of Christ. What does Paul mean when he speaks of the "right time" for Christ to die? Is he speaking historically or personally? What is the greatest extent or evidence of human love? How does God's love surpass that? What were you like when Christ died for you? What does Paul conclude is true in light of the timing of Christ's death? At the end of this passage Paul returns to the theme of exultation. What is a mark of the justified sinner? Why is it now possible for us to exult in God? What are some of the things about God in which we can exult? (55 min)