Wretched Man

Romans 7:21-25 Paul now reaches the conclusion of all that he's been saying in verses 14-25. Having spoken about the Mosaic law throughout the chapter, he now introduces us to other laws that have a bearing on his condition. What are these other laws, and how do they relate to the Mosaic law? What is the "different" law, and what does it do? Why does Paul not keep the law? Can a non-believer "delight" in God's law? To what is Paul driven by the realization of the war between the two laws within him? Is Paul's awareness of wretchedness something he encountered before or after conversion? What is the answer to his condition? What is the "inner man" to which Paul refers? What are some ways that this passage can relate to us whether we view it as speaking of a Christian or an non-believer? (63 min)