Apostle Of A Promise

Romans 1:1-6 This lesson begins our study of the actual text of Romans. Paul's introductory sentence to his letter is seven verses long. As such it takes some careful thinking to understand what he is saying. How is this opening sentence similar to and different from typical letters of Paul's day? Why does Paul go to such length to identify himself and tell what he is about? What are the three things Paul tells us about himself? What is the Gospel, and what is it about? What things does Paul tell us about the Gospel? What are two things about Christ that are made clear in the Gospel? How is this relevant to the people to whom Paul addresses his letter? What does Paul mean by saying that the resurrection declared Jesus to be the Son of God. How does this coincide with the biblical understanding of the eternal sonship of Christ? To whom does Paul say that he was commissioned in his apostleship, and what was he to bring about among those people? How did this relate to the Romans, and how does it relate to us? (In this lesson Rick makes extensive use of a whiteboard illustration. If you wish to view the actual finished illustration from class you may click here.) (59 min)