Rick Harvey
Rick Harvey Is our teacher. He has been teaching the Bible for forty years, mostly as a layman. He has been married to his wife Mary for forty years, and they have five grown children. Mary also teaches a class at Trinity, having taught in the kindergarten class for many years. In addition to being a student and teacher of the Bible, Rick has been a self employed contract painter in Norman for over thirty years.

Hal Clary is the first person you are likely to see when you visit our class. He directs our time of fellowship and prayer. He solicits prayer requests and lists them on the white board so that we make sure we pray for each one. Hal is also one of our church deacons. He has been married to his wife Debby for over thirty years. They have three adult children. Hal teaches junior high science in the nearby Noble Public School system.

IMG_3569 Peggy
Peggy Parker is the administrative hinge pin of our class. Without her we would probably just come “unhinged.” She keeps our records, handles communication, and helps keep things operating on an even keel (as best as can be done, at least). Peggy has been married to Les for forty years. They have one grown daughter. Peggy works as an administrative assistant for Professional Oklahoma Educators.

Bob King
Bob King is our outreach co-ordinator. He, along with his wife Karen, try to ensure that people who visit our class, or visitors to Trinity’s worship services who might like to visit our class, don’t “slip through the cracks.” We believe that when someone visits Trinity or our class that they have needs they desire to see met. Bob wants to make sure that our visitors know that we care about them and want to minister to them as God allows. Bob and Karen have been married nearly forty years and have two grown children. Bob teaches math at Norman North High School.

And all the others, too, are important. Our class members come from a wide range of professions—contracting, homemaking, law, service, oil and gas, computer technology, finance, and a number of others. We are normal people, struggling to be what we ought to be, and to discover God and honor Him in our everyday experiences.