Don't You Know?

Romans 6:1-4 Paul's comments at the end of chapter five about grace being abundantly greater than the increase of sin raises an important question in chapter six: What is the believer's relationship to sin? He puts the question quite starkly in verse one as to whether the believer should continue to sin in order that grace would increase. What are the two kinds of errors that Paul may be representing in this question? Why does Paul not bother to demonstrate that the question actually distorts what he said in chapter five? How does Paul's answer elevate the significance of the discussion? Does Paul suggest that it is impossible for the Christian to sin? How is the believer dead to sin? Why does Paul raise the issue of baptism? Is Paul speaking of water baptism here? How do we know? What are two important things to know about baptism in the New Testament church? How did Paul know that the Roman Christians knew that they had died to sin? For what purpose have we died to sin? (57 min)