More Righteous Than I

Genesis 38:20-30 A substantial review of the previous study about Judah and Tamar (since we've had a two week break). We discover even more about Judah's spiritual decline. Why did Judah send Hirah to reclaim his pledge? Why was Judah so quick to relinquish his claim on his pledge? What was so significant about Judah's willingness to abandon his staff to a stranger and a prostitute? To whom does God entrust the protection of such an important token? What is the importance of Judah's statement about Tamar that she was "more righteous than I?" What is the great change that overtakes Judah upon the revelation that he is the father of Tamar's twins? How does this passage disclose the marvelous grace of God to both Judah and Tamar? (51 min.)