Recalling Bethel

Genesis 48:1-4 In this week's lesson we consider the second of the three key things which Jacob did at the end of his life. The first was to arrange for his burial in Canaan. The second is to adopt and bless the two sons of Joseph, Manasseh and Ephraim. It is important not to view this passage as the ramblings of an aged and ailing man. What is the significance of Jacob collecting his strength to sit up on the bed? Why does the narrator refer to him as Israel at that moment? How has Jacob changed from his early life? Why does Jacob recall for Joseph his own experience at Luz in Canaan (Bethel)? What are the key aspects of God's appearance to him at Luz which Jacob mentions here? What three subtle differences in how Jacob retells the story of Bethel reflect his current frame of mind here at the end of his life? (53 min)