Romans 8:33-34 In this week’s lesson Paul continues to address the subject of the security of the believer. He uses a series of terms that have a legal usage, and create for us the picture of a courtroom in which we ourselves stand "in the dock." If we were to find ourselves on trial in the divine courtroom, who are the parties that we can imagine we would find bringing charges against us? Who would be the greatest and most telling witness against us? Why does one of God's children not need to fear such charges being brought? In a court of law, who is the one who pronounces the final punishment or condemnation? Who holds this position in the final judgment of mankind? Why does a Christian not need to fear such a condemnation? What are the four things that Christ Jesus has done that relate to the subject of the Christian's security in God's love? What are some of the things we know that Jesus is praying for us? Who does the most damage to the biblical doctrine of the security of the child of God? (58 min)