Two Kinds of Vessels

Romans 9:22-23 Having established the right of the potter to make whatever kind of vessel he wishes from the clay, Paul now asks a "What if?" question. There are three entities in these verses, God, vessels of wrath, and vessels of mercy. In this lesson we take time to consider who and what are the vessels of wrath, and who and what are the vessels of mercy. What is the first most important thing we learn about the vessels of wrath? To what utility does God purpose to use these vessels? To what does the term "vessels of wrath" refer, their purpose or their condition? Who are the vessels of mercy? What is the utility to which God proposes to use such vessels? What is the difference between the preparation of the vessels of wrath and that of the vessels of mercy? Is the condition of being a vessel of wrath an immutable condition, or can such a vessel become a vessel of mercy? In our next lesson we will learn about how God uses these vessels. (61 min)